Sierra Verde Ranch Realty LLC

This Home has an Assumable 3.5% VA Mortgage of 175,720. As of 12/31/14 with a monthly payment of 832.49

plus 111.50 monthly for Property Insurance & plus 90. monthly for property taxes. Total monthly payment = 1,033.99  

Cash required to Assume this Mortgage 89,280. These numbers good thru 12/31/14

All Inspections required for a VA Mortgage done January 2013.

Contact me for all the particulars and to schedule Your private visit to Your Green Country Home !!!

KK RANCH  and its FEATURES !!!

36.52 Acres 5740' to 5820' Elevation. With mature Juniper, Cedar, & Pinion Pine Trees. With Sweet Views from your home.                            

Quick and easy access approximately 2.5 miles from Exit 109, Anvil Rock Road on Interstate 40.

A 2001 Schult 2240 sq.ft. Triple Wide Manufactured Home. Sits at 5820', 3 Bedrooms 2 bathrooms & Big Kitchen & Living Room & Dining Room & Family room. A Monster Wood Burning Stove, with Air Induction System. (heat will never be an issue)

5 Skylights add to this Naturally Bright and Cheerful Home. Plus Front and Back Patios with Wood Decks. So you can observe all our Critters

that live here in the HIgh Pasture out back Oon this nicely Wooded Parcel.

A Portagrace 1500 sq.ft.. 50' X 30' Steel Building. Built to withstand a Category 4 Hurricane. With a 16' Peak, 2 12' X 12' Rollup Entries.

Plus a 8' x 8' Rollup entry. Plus a regular Man Door. You can store All your Goodies with room to spare. Also built to add 2-10'Linear Sections,

2 Stories Tall. Easily Park your Motor Home & your Vehicles. Could be expanded to 30' x 70'.

Your Energy System;

16-120 Watt Solarex Photo Voltaic Solar Panels. 1-Trace 4048 Solar Inverter with Charge Controller.

Thats 4800 Watts on Demand with a 48Volt System. 1-1100 Watt Missouri Wind Generator on a lay down Tower for easy service. 

24-l-16 Trojan Deep Cycle Solar Storage Batteries. Bought January 2010 with a 9 Year warranty good thru January 2019 Housed in your outside Solar Shed. Plus a MAC DADDY Master Cool II Evaporative Cooler.

Thats 4000-5000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) for that rare heat spell. Plus  KOHLER ISO 9000 Watt Propane Back Up Generator !!!

Your Water System;

2-2500 Gallon Water Storage Tanks for your Professionally Delivered Water.Currently $90. for a 2000 gallon delivery. = 4.5 cents per gallon.

Plus a Dankoff Solar Booster Pressure Pump & a Goulds Flowlight Pressure Tank. Gives you 65 PSI for your Showers, Baths & Dishwasher & Clothes Washer. YOU WILL BE LIVING GREEN !!! 

Your Firewood Storage;

Plenty of Storage Space for your Firewood close to your front door. Keeps it Covered and Dry for Best Burning Performance.